Version 1.4.14 Accessibility Hot Fix Released

1.4.14 Released 5/30/2019

We have updated the CAWeb Publishing theme to version 1.4.14. The CAWeb Publishing Service team has completed these updates during our published Preventative Maintenance window, 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The features being provided are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at

For this release we are on Divi version 3.22.7

Accessibility and State Template Fixes

  1. If your site uses the location setting this has now been updated to comply with ADA guidelines.  The focus and tabbing features have been fixed.  Also for the Zipcode we were using the incorrect type and this has now been resolved.
  2. We removed the empty list for the footer bar when no Social Media Icons are selected for your website.
  3. Removed the redundant “Skip To Main Content” tab.  This was being duplicated by Divi Accessibility and the State Template.  Now for the CAWeb Theme this is only displayed once.
  4. IE Compatibility has been removed for all browsers except for IE.  You can turn this option on or off for your IE users.  Turning this on enables features to work in IE but also causes ADA Compliance errors.  Leaving this off could impact the way some features are displayed in the IE browsers but also helps to remediate ADA Compliance issues.  

Other Items

  1. Search box overlapping the Menu bar.  The search bar placement now matches to the State Template and the overlap has been removed.
  2. Add line breaks back to News list for the Post list Module.