CAWeb Publishing Videos

Creating and Using Anchors

This video will explain how to create and use anchors within CAWeb Publishing.  In addition there are tips on how to hide a module and also how to re-label the modules with meaningful labels.

Media Carousel

This video provides the instructions required to create a Media Carousel matching the state template using the Section Carousel and Full width Section Carousel modules.

Divi Library

This video shows how to create library modules in CAWeb Publishng.  You will learn how to create module templates, global modules, page templates and save them to your Divi library.

Post Lists and Post Detail

In this video you will learn how to create lists matching the CA state template.  You will learn how to create Course, Events, Exams, FAQ’s, Jobs and News lists using CAWeb Publishing.

CA State Settings

This video describes all the setting under the CAWeb Options Settings tab when using CAWeb Publishing state template 5.   Additionally there is a short section on using the Navigation tab.