Release 1.0.3c

CA Web Publishing logo

CAWeb Publishing Release 1.0.3c

The CAWeb Publishing team has just released version 1.0.3c of the CAWeb Theme which fixes the State Template versions 4 and 5.0-beta.


Image of a site icon and the home button next to it.


  • The mobile margins have been updated to match the State Template
  • The Mobile menu has been moved to the right side to match the State Template (5)

Version 4 Logo


  • The logo in version 4 now allows a width of up to 475px

Standard Section with Full Width Background Image

Image of the utility bar with the home icon after icon


  • A standard section can now have a full width background image
  • Pereviously we had restricted the Section image to be only the Standard width. It has now been changed to be a full width image for a standard section

How to use this feature

  • Go to any page/post with a standard section
  • Open the Section Attributes  (three vertical bars for the section)
  • Set the desired image
  • Save your changes
  • Update your page