Below is a list of some of the plugins our customers are using.

If there is a specific component or functionality you are looking for, and you do not find it in the table below, please contact us with further details. We will evaluate the best way to meet your needs within our service offerings.

Plugin NameLogoDescriptionPlugin Website
Add Categories to PagesLogo for Add Categories to Pages pluginThis plugin allows you to quickly add Categories and Tags to your WordPress Pages. Add the power of WordPress Taxonomy to WordPress Pages. More Details
AddToAny Share ButtonsLogo for AddToAny Share Buttons pluginThis plugin aims to increase traffic & engagement by helping people share your posts and pages to any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and over 100 more sharing sites & apps.More Details
Admin ColumnsLogo for Admin Columns pluginManage and organize columns in the posts, users, comments and media lists in the WordPress admin panel. Transform the WordPress admin screens into beautiful, clear overviews. There is a Pro version.More Details
Code EmbedLogo for Code Embed pluginCode embed allows you to embed code (JavaScript and HTML – it can’t be used for server-side code, such as PHP) in a post, without the content being changed by the editor. More Details
Conditional MenusLogo for  Conditional Menus pluginThis plugin allows you to swap the menus in the theme as per specific conditions. You can have different menus in different posts, pages, categories, archive pages, etc. It works with any WordPress theme that uses the standard WordPress menu function.More Details
Contest GalleryLogo for Contest Gallery pluginCreate responsive galleries. Allow to rate files/images. Create file upload frontend forms. Add additional files to every file post. Create user registration frontend forms.More Details
Divi AccessibilityLogo for Divi Accessibility pluginImprove Divi accessibility in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.More Details
Easy FAQsLogo for Easy FAQs pluginAdding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to your website, either as a full page with our faqs shortcode or even to the sidebar with our faqs widget, is simple with Easy FAQs. Easy FAQs also allows you to include an images with each FAQMore Details
Enable Media ReplaceLogo for Enable Media Replace pluginEasy to use plugin that allows you to seamlessly replace an image or file in your Media Library by uploading a new file in its place. Now you can replace any uploaded file in the Edit Media view.More Details
Export All URLsExport All URLs plugin logoThis plugin will add a page called “Export All URLs” under Tools. You can navigate there and can extract data from your site.More Details
Feedzy RSS Feeds LiteLogo for Freedzy RSS Aggregator Lite pluginA small and lightweight RSS aggregator plugin. Fast and very easy to use, it allows you to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into your WordPress site through fully customizable shortcodes & widgets.More Details
FileBird LiteLogo for FileBird Lite pluginOrganize WordPress media library folders using a drag and drop organizer. FileBird enhances your media library with a clean user interface, native icons, smooth drag & drop, dynamic gallery, advanced sort options, and better organization.More Details
Google XML SitemapsLogo for Google XML Sitemaps pluginThis plugin improves SEO using sitemaps for best indexation by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. With XML sitemaps it’s much easier for crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.More Details
Last Modified TimestampLogo for the Last Modified Timestamp pluginThis plugin adds information to the admin interface about when each post/page was last modified (including custom post types). Use the [ last-modified ] shortcode in your content.More Details
NewsletterLogo for Newsletter pluginEasy-to-use Drag and drop composer to build responsive newsletters. Unlimited subscribers with statistics. Unlimited newsletters with tracking. Customizable subscription widget, page or custom form. More Details
Oasis WorkflowLogo for Oasis Workflow pluginDesigned to automate any editorial workflow process using a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. This plugin is great for WordPress sites with multiple authors that are looking to manage their content review and publication process more efficiently.More Details
Popup MakerLogo for Popup Maker pluginEasily create and style popups with any content. You can create popups such as: Email opt-in, Content upgrade, Lead gen, Ecommerce, Contact form, Announcements, Greetings, Cookie notifications, and more.More Details
Public Post PreviewLogo for Public Post Preview pluginIt allows you to share a link to anonymous users to preview a draft of a post (or any other public post type) before it is published. It generates a URL with an expiring nonce that can be given out for public preview.More Details
Public Post Preview ConfiguratorLogo for Public Post Preview Configurator pluginPublic Post Preview Configurator is open source software. It enables you to configure the expiration time of a link provided by the ‘public post preview’ plugin. By Björn Weinbrenner.More Details
Redirectiondecorative imageRedirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. You can easily manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and fix loose ends. This can help reduce errors and improve your site ranking.More Details
Restricted Site AccessLogo for Restricted Site Access pluginLimit access to your site to visitors who are logged in or accessing the site from a set of specified IP addresses. Send restricted visitors to the log in page, redirect them, or display a message or page. A great solution for Extranets, publicly hosted Intranets, or parallel development / staging sites.More Details
Send Images to RSSLogo for Send Images to RSS pluginSend Images to RSS bridges the gap between large websites and small emails, by replacing images in your feed with smaller, email friendly images, and attempting to add markup which email clients can handle.More Details
SiteimproveLogo for Siteimprove Plugin pluginNow you can scan your website for errors as soon as a page is published, allowing you to fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. A plugin add-on allows you to complete accessibility checks and conduct SEO diagnostics before you publish a page.More Details
Smart Custom 404 error page [404page]Logo for Smart Custom 404 error page pluginThis handy plugin allows you to easily create your own custom 404 error page. Different from other plugins the 404page plugin does not create redirects or additional server requests.More Details
SmushLogo for Smush pluginOptimize images, turn on lazy load, resize, compress & improve your Google Page Speed. Smush will compress images without a visible drop in quality. More Details
Social Feed GalleryLogo for Social Feed Gallery pluginFormerly known as “Instagram Feed Gallery”. This plugin helps you integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress site. It allow you to customize the layout of the display, and choose from gallery or carousel. More Details
Tabby Responsive TabsLogo for Tabby Responsive Tabs pluginThe Tabby responsive tabs plugin is designed to be an easy and lightweight way to add responsive tabs to your posts or pages by adding simple shortcodes. Supports multiple sets of tabs on same page.More Details
TablePressLogo for TablePress pluginThis plugin allows you to easily create and manage data tables on your website. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or other site areas using a block in the block editor. Tables can be edited in a spreadsheet-like interface, without any coding.More Details
The Events CalendarLogo for The Events Calendar pluginThis plugin allows you to easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site. The Events Calendar is ready to go out of the box. It’s also extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.More Details
The SEO FrameworkLogo for The SEO Framework pluginAn automated, advanced, accessible, unbranded and extremely fast SEO solution for your WordPress website. It can generate critical SEO meta tags in any language by reading your WordPress environment. More Details
ToolsetLogo for Toolset pluginToolset uses the WordPress Block Editor to create rich sites that look great on any device and load quickly. No need to create child themes or write PHP. Toolset lets you design from inside WordPress. There is a Toolset package.More Details
Two-FactorTwo-Factor plugin logoUse the “Two-Factor Options” section under “Users” → “Your Profile” to enable and configure one or multiple two-factor authentication providers for your account: Email codes, Time Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP), FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), Backup Codes, Dummy Method (only for testing purposes).More Details
WP Sitemap PageLogo for WP Sitemap Page pluginAn easy way to add a sitemap to your website. Just use the shortcode [ wp_sitemap_page ] on any of your pages. This will automatically generate a sitemap of all your pages and posts.More Details
WPFormsLogo for WPForms pluginWPForms allows you to create beautiful contact forms, feedback form, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes, not hours. More Details


Our visual editor for page building and content management within WordPress is called Divi. Divi provides multiple layouts and modules, as shown below, for presenting your content. No coding experience is needed.