Release 1.1.2

CA Web Publishing logo

CAWeb Publishing release 1.1.2 contains several bug fixes, changes, and enhancements.

1.1.2 Release Details

Display image for CAWeb Options

For template version 5 websites we now display the image of the Favicon and the Organization Logo-Brand on the CAWeb Options page.

Upgraded Google search to API 2.0

We have now migrated both template version 4 and version 5 to the Google Search 2.0 API.  With the new API your users will now see the number of hits that Google found.


Favicon updates

  • The Icon is now displayed below the FavIcon URL.
  • Favicon files must be genuine .ico files
  • “Reset” sets the Favicon to the state flower (California Poppy) default favicon
  • The Favicon either has to be the default state flower icon or one you select for your website.


Image of CAWeb Publishing Setting for Favicon

Selection Screen

This screen is displayed when you select “Browse” or click on in the URL box.  If you do not want to change the favicon simply use the “x” in the upper right corner to close this.

Changed to a Favicon unique for your website

Search box layering has been corrected

Previously we had issues with the Search box auto population layering. This has been resolved in Release 1.1.2.

CAWeb Options -Save-

When executing a save on the CAWeb Options page you now receive confirmation or an error.  This enables the webmaster to better confirm that their changes have been executed.


New Service Tile Module

  • We have now added the Service Tile feature to CAWeb Publishing.


    • You can enter any number of tiles
    • Your tiles can be 1/4, 1/2 for full width
    • For each tile you can simply provide a link or a text block which expands when the tile is selected.
    • As part of the Service Tile you can select a “More” button option which will provide the ability to link the More section.

Image of Service Tiles

Footer menu formatting

Menu items can now be placed in the Social Icon space. Menu items will now wrap if necessary.

Icons are now visible once selected

Previously in the menu and module creation process when an icon was selected the icon was hidden from view.  This made it very hard to determine which icon was selected.  With the new changes the icon is now highlighted making it very easy to determine the icon selected.  Also note in the “Select an Icon” box it displays the name of the icon you have selected.

Image of a menu icon

New FAQ list

In our Release 1.1.1 we communicated that we had created 2 new modules to allow you to create different types of lists.  The list types include news, events, contacts and more and with this release we have now added FAQ as a list type.
1. You can now create FAQ posts using Posts and adding the Post Detail module to the page.  You then set the Post Detail type to FAQ.
2. The you create a page with a Post List module and set the type to FAQ and your FAQ modules will then be displayed
We have created 2 versions:
1. Toggle version which is when the Question is highlighted in blue with an arrow bullet.  You may have 0 to all of these open at once.
 View of a FAQ list in toggle mode
2. Accordian within a box format.  One of these and only one can be open at a time.
 View of a FAQ list in accordion mode