Icon issues with Release 1.1.3

Dear CAWeb Customers,

In an effort to increase the number and variety of icons available for menus and buttons, we included an enhancement in our recent Release 1.1.3 of the State Template theme. We have discovered an issue with these icons: they do not display consistently in the various web browsers. We are currently working on a fix for this issue. Our goal is to be able to get your icons rolled back to the icons included with Release 1.1.2.

Our fix to this issue will be included in our next Release: 1.1.4 due on or before 6/20/2017. In the mean-time, use icons as little as possible. After the release of v1.1.4, please check all your menu and button icons to ensure they display the images as expected. If not, edit the menu or button items with the correct icon.

If you have any questions please contact us at cawebpublishingsupport@state.ca.gov

Sincerely CAWeb Publishing Team