Release 1.2.2

In Release 1.2.2 we have added back end functions and a new Media Carousel feature.  The back end changes are in support of removing invalid broken links and performance improvements.  With these changes your websites should now load quicker and if you are running broken link scans you will notice that your broken link count should significantly reduce.

Full Width Section Carousel & Section Carousel


  • New “Media” style to enable the Media Carousel  (
  • Ability to select the default number of images to display in desktop mode.
  • Ability to add any number of items to the carousel
  • Carousels with or without the panel borders
  • Set  a background color for your carousel
  • If panel is selected you can use the following
    • Panel Heading
    • Panel Style
    • Read More Button
    • Button Text
    • Button URL