Version 1.4.2 Released

Release 1.4.2 is now available!

We have updated the CAWeb Publishing theme to version 1.4.2. The features being provided are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at

Minor Fix

  1. The Bulleted List Blue Discs for Overstated, Understated and Standout have been fixed for both State Templates v4 and v5.

User Plugin Updates

404 Error Page

Version 5 (2018-03-05)

  • show an indicator if the currently edited page is a 404 error page
  • minor code- & UI-improvements

Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite

Version 3.2.10 – 2018-04-02

  • Adds shortcode attribute for feed items order ( title ASC/DESC, date ASC/DESC).
  • Improve documentation and examples.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Version 5.3.2
Bug Fixes:fixes

  • for user opt-out feature


  • use gadwp_useroptout shortcode to easily generate opt-out buttons and links
  • adding gadwp_gtag_commands and gadwp_gtag_script_path hooks to allow further gtag (Global Site Tag) code customization
  • adds opt-out and DNT support for Google Tag Manager


Version 3.6.5 – 2018-04-10

  • Premium: subscriber export tool now supports dynamic segments;
  • Improved: sending was optimized for large newsletters and slow hosts. Thanks, Alison;
  • Fixed: help icon functionality was restored for all users.

Ultimate Branding

Version 1.9.7

  • Added module “Author Box”.
  • Added search for the Ultimate Branding “Dashboard”.
  • Fixed problem with constant for older WP on “Comming Soon & Maintenance” module.
  • Fixed problem with custom CSS displayed even user has the disabled toolbar.
  • Fixed problem with deprecated function form “Admin Bar” module.
  • Fixed problem with display outdated, disabled modules.
  • Fixed problem with mixed content for images on “Custom Login Screen” module.
  • Fixed problem with module “Dashboard Footer Content” – it some cases it covers WP admin elements.
  • Fixed problem with predefined background & logo in “Custom Login Screen” module after save.
  • Fixed problem with saving max allowed upload for “Image Upload Size” module.
  • Fixed problem with Ultimate Branding submenu, sometimes Dashboard was not first.

WP Edit

Version 4.0.3

  • Updated readme.
  • Ensured plugin not generating any errors/warnings/notices with current version of WordPress.
  • WordPress 5.0 will include “Gutenberg” (please research); and I am working on a compatible WP Edit version.



  • Changed: Use minified admin assets when appropriate.
  • Changed: Show helpful doc link in form embed modal.
  • Fixed: reCAPTCHA v2 showing in form builder when using Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  • Fixed: Remove jQuery shorthand references in admin-utils to prevent conflicts.