Version 1.4.3 Released

Release 1.4.3 is now available!

We have updated the CAWeb Publishing theme to version 1.4.3. The features being provided are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at

Minor Fix

  1. We have added a generic Alternative Text for the FavIcon to remove an Accessibility error


Image of Base Storage Pie Chart           Image of Overage Storage Pie Chart

We have added a new widget to your dashboard that shows how much disk space your site is using compared to the base allocation of 5GB. As you know, each CAWeb Publishing web site is allotted a base amount of disk storage. If the site uses more than the base allocation, an overage charge will be applied to your monthly billing. The current CDT overage charge for disk storage is $2.00/GB.

If 5GB or less is used, you will see an image that looks something like the left picture (CAWeb).  Note the base allocation and the percentage used and available.

If the site exceeds the 5GB base allocation you will see something like the right image (Test). The widget shows the base allocation, 100% utilization of the base allocation and the amount used over the allocation. Also displayed is the estimated overage cost to be applied to your monthly billing. The pie chart shows you the percentage your base allocation and the overage of the complete storage allocation used by your website.


Plugin Updates

AddToAny Share Button

AddToAny Share Button

Change Log 1.7.26

  • Add Mastodon share button
  • Update admin interface
  • Remove the LinkedIn share count option because LinkedIn no longer provides share counts
  • Remove Oknotizie


Change Log


3.7.0 – 2018-04-25

  • Fixed: Subscriber search functionality fixed.

3.6.7 – 2018-04-24

  • Fixed: Duplicates in the database will not stop scheduled newsletters anymore.
Enable Media Replace

Enable Media Replace

Change Log 3.2.5

  • remove the leftover setcookie and the plugins recommendations.
User Role Editor

User Role Editor

Change Log [4.40.3] 06.04.2018

  • Update: bbPress detection and code for integration with it was updated to support multisite installations when URE is network activated but bbPress is activated on some sites of the network only. (Free version does not support bbPress roles. It excludes them from processing as bbPress creates them dynamically.)
WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

Change Log 1.6.0

  • Fix issues in multisite plugin (#501)
  • Fixes wp-cli plugin deactivate/activate (#499)
  • Cleanup – change quotes. (#495)
  • $htaccess_path defines the path to the global .htacess file. (#507)
  • Fix ‘cannot redeclare gzip_accepted()’ (#511)
  • Correct the renaming of tmp_wpcache_filename (removed unnecessary slash in path) which caused renaming to fail. (#516)
  • Add check for Jetpack mobile theme cookie (#515)
  • Optimize wp_cache_phase2 and create wpsc_register_post_hooks (#508)
  • WPCACHEHOME has a trailing slash (#513)
  • Cleanup cache enable/disable and update_mod_rewrite_rules (#500)
  • Post Update now clears category cache (#519)
  • Various fixes for saving the debug page form (#542)
  • Expert-caching and empty parameters, like ?amp, should not serve cached page (#533)
  • Tiny Yslow description fix (#527)
  • Add ipad to mobile list (#525)
  • Hide opcache_invalidate() warnings since it’s disabled some places. (#543)
  • Check that HTTP_REFERER exists before checking it. (#544)
  • Replace Cron View” with WP Control because it’s still updated. (#546)
  • adding hook (wp_cache_cleared) for full cache purges (#537)