Accessibility Reminders

Are you ready for the AB-434 mandated Accessibility compliance? Here are some reminders and resources you may find helpful.

  1. Resources. California’s AB-434 requires departments by July 1, 2019 to post on their website a certification of their state entities website accessibility. Resources, documents and toolkits available to state departments for accessibility compliance are provided by:
  1. Training. Accessibility Training classes are offered by the CDT Training Center on an on-going basis. See the schedule for Web Accessibility courses here:
  2. CAWeb Customer Forum – Accessibility: Two sessions will be held at CDT Training Center on March 21, 2019 and will be recorded for on-demand availability.


  • Introduction
  • Statewide Template for CAWeb demonstration
  • Siteimprove Chrome plugin overview
  • DOR Tool Kit
  • Manual process overview
  • Q&A

Training Times (CDT Training Center)

  1. Responsibility. All State Template-related accessibility findings will be remediated by the CAWeb team. Content-related issues are the customer’s responsibility.
  2. Divi Accessibility Plugin. The Divi Theme is an important part of the CAWeb content editing process. The Divi Accessibility plugin assists with Divi compliance and has been installed service-wide. If a customer discovers an accessibility finding that is Divi or State Template related, please send a detailed explanation (screen shots are very helpful) to the CAWeb team at
  3. Publish the Certification Form. Gov Code 11546.7 states: “…shall post on the home page… or state entity’s Internet web site, a signed certification…” In compliance with this directive, we recommend the following method for publication of the form:
    1. Download the Accessibility Certification form Word document.
    2. When completed and “signed”, save the .docx file as a PDF then upload the PDF to the Media Library. Note the URL to the form and copy it to the clipboard.
    3. Add a link (pasted from clipboard) with text “Website Accessibility Certification” on your existing footer Accessibility page (at or near the top).
    4. Include this recommended text: In compliance with AB-434 and Gov Code 11546.7, we have posted the Website Accessibility Certification form for this site.
    5. Publish your changes to the Accessibility page by clicking the Update button.
    6. Here’s an example “draft” for the CAWeb site:
  4. Validation Checking Tool Recommendation. Many validation checkers are available. We recommended the SiteImprove Accessibility Checker, a Chrome browser extension. This is a free tool the CAWeb team will be using for page-by-page validation checking. SiteImprove makes a licensed version that provides whole site scanning, tracking and more.