Updated Version of Divi Builder (Coming Soon)

Hello All,  

We wanted to give you advanced notice that as part of our next release we will be bringing the Divi Theme up to the current version.  The latest Divi version includes an updated Divi Builder.  Divi has released a new Divi Builder and you are likely going to be taken to the new Divi Builder when you try and update a page.  If you do not want to use the new Divi Builder you can simply switch back to the original Divi Bulder and everything will return as before.  However, if you want to try it out there are several different views that can be selected.  You can have the content window set to the right of the page and then you can resize the page layout and content windows to be larger or smaller in comparison to each other.  Additionally you can also have the content window layered on top of the page giving you a larger view of the content window.  

The new Divi Builder layers the areas on top of each other with the Section being the upper most followed by any number of rows and then by Modules with any number of Modules being under each row.  This is simply a different view than the original builder that has the Section being the left most followed by rows within the section and finally the modules within each row.


If you do not want to use the new Divi Builder simply click on the Switch Back To Classic Divi Builder link.  Doing this will reset your settings to use the Original Divi Builder.  See example below:

Switch Back to Classic Divi Builder is circled

Below is a view of the the new Divi Builder.  This page contains the page layout window on the left and the module editor window on the right. You can slide the bar between them to change the size of each window.  

New Divi Builder view of the Page Layout with the content editor on the right.

If you plan to use the new Divi Builder but want to have the module content editor in a bigger window you can do that too.  To activate this mode simply click the “Expand Modal” icon at the top right of your page.  This will overlay the Content window over the page layout window giving you a larger space to work with.  Example below:

New Divi Builder page layout and content editor side by side view