Enable Google Translate

CDT is recommending that all CAWeb Publishing Service customer web sites enable the Google Translate feature for the benefit of their site visitors. This is an easy configuration setting under the CAWeb Options | Settings | General menu. If you like, your CAWeb liaison will be happy to set this for you. Simply send a Support request (not an Incident request) via the Service Now Portal.

Please note: there are two display options: 1) The Google Translate drop-down selector appears in the site utility bar, upper right corner, and the Google logo appears below the selector. 2) The Google Translate language selector and Google logo appear on a special page which can include customer-authored disclaimer language, and the utility bar shows only the word “Translate” with an optional icon. If you are approving CAWeb to make the change for you, please indicate which option you prefer in your support request. If you are requesting display option #2, include any disclaimer language as well. Example of display option 1: https://caweb.cdt.ca.gov. Example of display option 2: https://dfeh.ca.gov