Update completed 3/22/2021

We have updated the CAWeb Publishing WordPress Version to 5.7 and our Divi theme to version 4.9.2 on the evening of 3/22/2021. The WordPress update is a major update with major changes to JQuery.  We have tested our theme and the primary plugins provided by the CAWeb Publishing Service.   However, if you are using a special requested plugin you will want to ensure that it is working correctly for you.  Additionally if you have any custom JavaScript on your website you will also want to validate them as soon as possible.  

Customer Checklist:

  • Verify pages that are created with or by plugins
  • Verify custom Java Script features are functioning properly

If you have any questions send us an email at cawebpublishingservice@state.ca.gov.  

If you notice an issue after the update you can submit an incident request in ServiceNow.