Version 1.10.0 Scheduled

CAWeb Publishing 1.10.0 Scheduled 06/19/2023

We will update the CAWeb Publishing theme to version 1.10.0 on 06/19/2023. The CAWeb Publishing Service team will be making these updates during our published Preventative Maintenance window, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The features being provided are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

For this release we are on Divi version 4.21.0

CAWeb Template 6.0 Release

We have now added State template version 6.0 to CAWeb Publishing.  There is no forced migration for sites to go from version 5.5 to version 6.0.  It totally up to the site owners to determine if they want to upgrade to the newest state template.  As part of this update we have implemented the Header  and Footer Sections of the template into CAWeb Publishing.  The modules defined for Template 6.0 have not been created so the content portions of your website should not change.  We did this to make the transition from template 5.5 to template 6.0 as simple as possible.  With this decision you will only have to make sure your Header and Footer sections adhere to the state template version 6.0.  

Differences in Template 6.0 Header:

    1. Utility bar no longer allows for 3 custom links. 
    2. Site Navigation bar and the Site Header are now in separate sections
    3. Site Navigation bar no longer allows for icons 
    4. The Site Navigation bar now only supports Single level and Drop Down menu options.  We did not implement the Mega Menu or the Icon Menu as the plan is to not have these in the future Design system.
    5. Social media icons are no longer allowed in the Utility bar

Differences in the Template 6.0 Footer: 

    1. Social Media links are limited to
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Instagram
        • YouTube
        • Github
        • LinkedIn
        • Email
    2. A set of standard links should be included in your footer:
        • Conditions of use
        • Privacy policy
        • Accessibility certification
        • Contact page for your organization

CAWeb Accessibility and State Template Fixes

  1. Template 6 fixes
      • Tabbing to Search – This accessibility feature has been fixed and now supports tabbing to the Search box within the Site Header.
      • Header, content and footer alignment – Alignment of the 3 primary sections has been fixed in the template and Template 6.0 in CAWeb Publishing.
  2. Wpforms Editor – Access to WPForms has been restored to Editors.  In a previous release from the plugin owner our previous change had been overwritten.  This has now been repaired and users with Editor credentials can now edit forms again. 
  3. Document locking (Intranet) – Previously documents and images for restricted site access were not being blocked as anticipated.  With this fix a user must be logged in to see any assets of a restricted site.