Course List

A course list contains a repeating group of courses. To begin, wrap this module in a <section class="course-list">. Then use <article class="course-item"> to group intividual courses together.

A .course-item has the following primary child elements.

  • .thumbnail – Optional, Requires a thumbnail that is 70px wide
  • .title – A short title that is linkable to the detail page
  • .datetime – Date and time the course is offered
  • .description – A short summary or teaser for the event
  • .location – Address where course is offered

Schema Options (microdata)

This module is also available as a formatted module. Many applications, especially search engines, can benefit greatly from this structured data. Pages marked up using microdata enable search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results in order to make it easier for users to find relevant information on the web.

Using microdata is optional, but highly encouraged. In the source code section, samples for plain html and the microdata version are both included.