Frequently Asked Questions

Cost and Rates

Is there a charge for migration or consulting related to CA Web Publishing?

We use the term “migration” to refer to moving existing site content into CAWeb WordPress. The Site Implementation fee ($1040) includes site setup and content migration. We can also provide “site build” services (unfortunately named “Migration Package” in the Rate sheet) which is billed at $5200 per 100 pages. We also provide hourly web site consulting for CAWeb Publishing service customers. All the rates can be found in the Service Catalog

How much does the service cost?

All CAWeb Publishing Service rates are published in the CDT Service Catalog.

How much storage and/or data transfer does the service offer?

The service currently allows 5GB of storage and 20GB of data transmission per month. Overage will be charged at the normal CDT rates.

Is there a service charge for named user accounts or concurrent sessions?

No. Customers can add all the editor, author and administrator accounts they need at no additional charge.

Is there an extra charge for business area sub-domains?

​Yes, we charge per domain (URL). So, if you have two domains: and, those would be two separate sites and billed accordingly.