Frequently Asked Questions

Service Overview

What exactly is included with a subscription to CAWeb?

  1. All aspects of a modern, managed web site hosting vendor. Our customers have no access to platform or infrastructure components by design. You have more important things to do than manage another IT environment.
  2. [Cloud platform language will be added here as soon as the contract is finalized.]
  3. Fully-managed WordPress, meaning customers don’t need to know anything about WordPress except how to create and edit pages and posts.
  4. Free WordPress training class to jump start your content editing process.
  5. Other training resources including videos, a recorded training session, references to web-base resources.
  6. You get the freedom to focus on creating relevant content within an appealing, modern and accessible context.
  7. Daily Site Backups.
  8. On-going security scans.
  9. SSL/TLS secure certificate.
  10. WordPress core updates. Incremental & security updates (automatic).
  11. State Template bug and accessibility updates (automatic).
  12. State Template version updates (scheduled).
  13. Built-in features enabled via WordPress plugins.
  14. Plugin updates.
  15. The Divi UX. This page describes the incredible features Divi brings to the content editing and page design experience. Note: the Visual Editing feature will be available soon.
  16. Technical support. All incident tickets opened (via ServiceNow) receive prompt attention from our team of skilled WordPress administrators and developers.
  17. Consulting services. If you need additional help with web design, we can provide professional services to improve the look and feel of your site. Note: we do not offer accessibility-related or web content consulting.

What costs are associated with a subscription to CAWeb Publishing Service?

The current rates are published on the CDT/Services web site. Here is the link to the CDT Rates Schedule. The document should open to the CAWeb Publishing section. If not, search for “I400” (without the quotes).

Does the CAWeb Publishing Service have a published Preventative Maintenance Window?

Yes, the CAWeb Publishing Service Maintenance Window is every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Due to the nature of WordPress technology and the method for updating plugins and themes, no downtime – for site visitors or authors & editors – is ever expected for these updates. For infrastructure changes (OS patching, LAMP stack upgrades, DB maintenance, etc.), downtime may be necessary. The CAWeb News email and dashboard notice will indicate if downtime is expected for any upcoming maintenance. Customers are encouraged to subscribe to the CAWeb News to stay informed of CAWeb maintenance updates.

Which State departments are using CAWeb Publishing Service?

Visit our List of Customers page.

What versions of the State Template are available?

State Template v5.5 and 6.1.2 are integrated into the service as a WordPress child theme.  The template version 6.1.2 is just supported at the header and footer levels.  The content modules new to template 6.1.2 have not been added to our current theme.   

All bug and accessibility fixes are applied transparently. Future State Templates versions will be included. Old template versions will be deprecated at appropriate intervals, but not before customers are upgraded to the latest version.

How do I subscribe to the service?

  1. Ask your Customer Engagement Services Account Lead for assistance.
  2. Use this Account Lead Lookup tool if you need the contact information.
  3. Use the CAWeb Service Now Catalog Item to submit your subscription request for Site Assessment or Assessment and Subscription.

Who can subscribe to the service?

Any California State government agency, department, board, etc.

Is there a Reviewer role for user who don't have authentication credentials on the system?

Yes. A temporary preview link to updated pages and posts can be sent to anyone for review then published upon approval.